A Man Who Purchase Gold

Once upon a time, in a far away kingdom, lived there a very beautiful princess. She was so beautiful that not a single person could even think of envy her. She was born loveable to every soul who saw her. As she grew up, her parents, the king and queen, intended to find her a husband.
If other royal parents find their daughter a husband by throwing a big party and pick a handsome boy from the dance floor, this royal parents asked their daughter to disguise herself as a gold coin seller. So she picked carefully some coins with beautiful designs and grabbed some jewelries with very bad designs she can find from the royal treasure room, and began her mission. Her parents told her to see not only with her eyes, but also with her heart.

There went the princess to the market, dressed with the ugliest clothing a man ever saw. Nobody even care to saw her, thought that she must be a beggar. When the sun started to burn her bare foot, there were three men came to purchase gold . The first man came to purchase gold necklace, the second man came to purchase gold ring, and the third man came to purchase gold coins . The curious princess asked the third man, “Why do you purchase gold coin ?”
The third man saw her and said, “I will purchase bullion if every piece of its coin is carved as precise and beautiful as this coin. I will purchase gold bullion if I should.” The princess smiled. This was the man she had been looking for. A man who had the sense of beauty, not only care for the gold, but the esthetic value of the coin.


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